Projects Summary

Location Recommendation(s) Status Opened Closed
Sunrise Valley Center (1) Replace 2 steep curb ramps w/ 2 properly-sloped curb ramps. Completed 2/20/08 June 2008
The Spectrum Add & relocate accessible parking spaces (aps), access aisles, curb ramps,  crosswalk Completed 11/25/08 Dec 2010
Hunters Woods Village Center (1) Add 2 aps, access aisle, curb cuts, crosswalks Completed 3/23/09 Dec 2009
Sunset Hills Professional Center Add access aisles, curb ramps, relocate existing curb ramps, replace 8 noncompliant signs Incomplete

Connecting curb ramps not installed.

8/11/09  Aug 2012
Reston Corner,   12007 Sunrise Valley Dr. Add automatic entrance doors and replace clinic door; add access aisles, curb ramps; replace noncompliant signs Completed 9/28/09 May 2014
North Point Village Center (1) Add access aisles & crosswalks; replace noncompliant signs; relocate 2 aps for safety Completed 10/16/09 Feb 2011
Home Depot Relocate aps; add access aisles & crosswalk; replace noncompliant signs Completed  11/20/09 July 2010
Reston Corner,  12001 Sunrise Valley Dr. Reconfigure & restripe aps; add access aisles; level aps for Van Accessible parking; replace noncompliant signs; add automatic doors Completed Jan 2010 Sept 2010
Sunrise Valley Technology Park Add 1 aps, access aisle & curb ramp; replace noncompliant signage Completed 1/27/10 Mar 2011
Cascades South Executive Center, 12040 South Lakes Dr. Reconfigure aps, add access aisle and curb ramp; add disability parking signs Completed 9/27/10 May 2011
1801 Old Reston Ave, at corner of Temporary Rd & Reston Pkwy Replace 2 noncompliant signs; cut back shrubbery obscuring 1 sign; improve curb ramp slopes; improve accessible route; add automatic doors Closed.  Work not completed.Signs replaced, shrubbery cut back in  Feb 2011; accessible route & automatic doors not done 12/10/10 Feb 2011
Kaiser Permanente, 1890 Metro Center Dr., off Sunset Hills Rd Replace hazardous threshold @ lower-level entrance and 2 non-compliant disability parking signs Completed 2/6/11 July 2011
Hunters Woods Village Center (2) In parking lot redesign, keep existing aps and add more One aps with access aisle & crosswalk added. Completed. 4/3/12 June 2014
North Point Village Center (2) – BB&T Bank Improvements not completed in NPVC project listed above.  Replace steep curb ramp; relocate aps Completed 10/16/09 March 2013
South Lakes Village Center Relocate 3 existing aps; add 4 aps, 1 curb ramp, 2  detectable warnings, 2 crosswalks Completed 5/21/12 Jan 2013
Southgate Community Center Restripe parking lot; relocate accessible parking sign from in front of access aisle to front of aps  Completed 6/27/12  Sept 2012
Reston Hospital Center Relocate some aps to more accessible locations; add aps, curb ramps & curb cuts, crosswalks, detectable warnings, accessible parking signs  Completed 9/26/12  April 2013
Hidden Creek Country Club, 1711 Clubhouse Rd 5 reserved spaces have no access aisles; no van accessible space; noncompliant signs; need automatic door opener Promise from Victor Rodarte in 9/18/13 phone conversation to create APSs & evaluate door issue 7/23/13
Sunrise Valley Center (2) (See top of page.) Has 2 APS, but 5 are required per approved FC site plan; van- accessible space not to code; need detectable warnings Closed.  Added 3 aps, but work not completed. 4/9/13 July 2015
Hartke Bldg, 11890 Sunrise Valley Dr. Has 1 reserved space w/ no curb ramp; 3 APSs required, including 1 van- accessible; need compliant signs  Closed.  Work not completed. 8/9/13  Sept 2015
Carrabba’s Restaurant,12192 Sunset Hills Road Has 2 aps, but 3 are required by law and 4 are recommended by RAC; noncompliant signs  Completed.  Total of three aps w/access aisles.


10/29/13, USPS certified mail July 2014
Reston Post Office 11110 Sunset Hills Rd Replace 2 noncompliant accessible parking signs & install missing 3rd sign Completed 3/24/14 Sept 2014
Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Dr. Several improvements outlined to accommodate patrons with sensory & physical disabilities 6/19/14
Fox Mill Center,  2551 John Milton Dr. at Reston Pkwy Add 2 APS, access aisle, crosswalk;  replace noncompliant accessible parking signage Completed 7/14/14 Sept 13, 2014
Woodland Park Crossing 12950-12976 Highland Crossing Dr, Herndon Add APSs to surface parking lot; add 2 curb ramps to sidewalk separated by curbs.  Add 2 crosswalks. Met with JBG Retail rep on site 7/7/15.  Emailed Accessibility Assessment to her same day.  Photos and ADA regs provided. 7/7/15
Silver Diner Reston & Fair Oaks Accessible parking signs not compliant with Fairfax County regs; Reston APSs do not meet ADA regs for maximum slope. Accessibility Assessment sent 7/20/15 to Robert Giaimo, CEO.  Photos and ADA regs included. including photos. 7/20/15